Conservation Issues: Four Corners Region

Utah's Canyon Country is for many of us an escape from our other worlds. Unfortunately, simply enjoying these rich landscapes and ignoring the conservation issues won't allow future generations to similarly enjoy them. We now have protection for great parks like Arches and Canyonlands because concerned citizens took action on our behalf in the past. Now it's our turn.

Presently, there is a battle over other equally spectacular public canyon lands that don't yet enjoy protection as parks. If you want to know more about the issues, try the articles or visit the web sites of the conservation organizations. Granted, they represent but one perspective on the issues, yet surely those of us who love and who have benefited spiritually from our journeys through slickrock country can afford to examine that perspective with an open mind.

The poisonous anti-environmentalist invective coming across in much of our radio talk shows belies the truth. For the most part these organizations are composed of citizens like you and me, people who work full time but who also serve their country by volunteering to work toward the conservation of some of our public lands. Few conservationists are self-serving. Presently we all have plenty of lands that we can roam freely. Conservation work is for the future generations who because of the relentless pressure of development will not have such opportunities unless we do something to convince our legislators to act now for the long term future of these special places.

Environmental Organizations:

The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance: A premier organization working for establishment of new parks and conservation of those that are established

The Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club : Another organization with a great record of achievements working for establishment of new parks and conservation of those that are established

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