Haibun in the Modern English-Language Style by Ray Rasmussen
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Haibun by Ray Rasmussen

Haibun, a combination of prose and haiku, is my favourite of the contemporary haiku-genre forms. I enjoy writing about everyday experiences and reading the everyday accounts written by other writers. In short, haibun is personal writing, where the writer's self is embedded in the prose and haiku.

A full definition of haibun can be found in the journal Contemporary Haibun Online. If you are interested in the range of expression in contemporary English-language haibun, visit the "Haibun by Other Writers" link. As well, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Lynx, Modern Haiku, Simply Haiku and Frogpond feature haibun writing.

Haibun Collections:

haibun= new postings.

haibun Canyonlands Journal: Travel in Utah's Canyon Country
haibun Day's End: Haibun about Aging & Retirement
haibun Romance under a Waning Moon: Haibun about Later-in-Life Romance

Haibun Published or Accepted in 2009/10:

haibun= new postings.

haibun A Word of Advice, Contemporary Haibun Online
haibun Bend in the River, Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose
haibun Casablanca, Simply Haiku
haibun Catching Up, Haibun Today
haibun Concert, Contemporary Haibun Online
haibun Day's End, Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose
haibun Deliverance, Modern Haiku
haibun Easter Morning, Simply Haiku
haibun Edge, Simply Haiku
haibun Endings, Contemporary Haibun Online
haibun Family Tree, Modern Haiku
haibun Flock of Grimaces, Haibun Today
haibun Gatherings, Bottle Rockets
haibun Immersion, Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose
haibun Intruders, Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose
haibun Last Beaths, Bottle Rockets
haibun Lollypops, Contemporary Haibun Online
haibun Long Walk, Bottle Rockets
haibun Lucky Day, Frogpond
haibun Monk's Journey, Simply Haiku
haibun More or Less, Haibun Today
haibun Mountain Folk Festival, British Haiku Society Haibun Annual
haibun No and Thanks, Contemporary Haibun Online
haibun Not at Home, British Haiku Society Haibun Annual
haibun Reverie, Modern Haibun and Tanka Prose
haibun Trying It On, Frogpond
haibun Twice in the Garden, Haibun Today
haibun What If, Modern Haiku

Haibun Published or Accepted for 2007/08:

. Age of Enlightenment, Blithe Spirit
. Beat Scene, Ink, Sweat & Tears
Birch Lake, Contemporary Haibun Online
Caught Out, Ink, Sweat & Tears
Ceremony, Bottle Rockets
Click, Blithe Spirit
Continental Divide, British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology
Desert Walks, Roadrunner
Dog Star, Lynx
Don't, Frogpond
Dover Beach, British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology
Dragonfly, Ink, Sweat & Tears
Falling, Simply Haiku
Fathers and Sons, Moonset
. Fear That Has No Name, British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology
. Fly Fishing, Haibun Today
. Folding Knife, Modern Haiku
. Hell Hath No Fury, Simply Haiku
How Is It, Moonset, 2nd place inhaibun competition
Journey to the Far North, Contemporary Haibun Online
Judas Kiss, Frogpond
Lament for a Canine, Frogpond
Lucy in the Sky, Bottle Rockets [not yet available]
. Memorial Day, Simply Haiku
Muse, Simply Haiku
Possibilities, Simply Haiku
Return Visit, Contemporary Haibun
Stolen Memories, Simply Haiku
Story Teller, Contemporary Haibun Online
Sunspot, Bottle Rockets
. Talking About Things, Contemporary Haibun
To Be a Man, Simply Haiku
. Unsaddled, Haibun Today
Visiting Mom, Frogpond
Warmth, Modern Haiku, Best Haibun Award
What are you up to? Lynx
. Winter Blues, Moonset
Wounded Birds, Bottle Rockets
Writer's Block, Contemporary Haibun Online

Haibun Published in 2006

Catalogue, Lynx
Chest Pains, Haiku Harvest
Cyber Cafe, Frogpond
Hunter's Moon, Contemporary Haibun Online
Last Walk, Simply Haiku
Moving Day, Contemporary Haibun
Moving On, Simply Haiku
Sunny Side, Simply Haiku
Vista, Contemporary Haibun Online

Haibun Published in 2003/4/5

Advent of Spring, LifeSherpa
April, LifeSherpa
Bamboo Rake, Contemporary Haibun Online
Bathrobe, Contemporary Haibun Online
Birthday Musings, LifeSherpa
Dover Beach aka My Back Yard, LifeSherpa
In the Mood, Contemporary Haibun
Moonlit Trail, Contemporary Haibun Online
Muddied Path, Simply Haiku
Last Class, Simply Haiku
Red Man Ruin, Simply Haiku
Spicy Noodle Soup, Haiku Harvest
Three Buck Poet, Contemporary Haibun Online
Weight of Snow, Simply Haiku
Whole Works, Tiny Words


"Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes."

— Walt Whitman

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