Haibun in the Modern English-Language Style by Ray Rasmussen
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The Advent of Spring

On my walk today, I feel the bite of the -20 degree cold. Yesterday, it was +2 degrees. The temperatures are swinging wildly between a few days of relative warmth and a few days of brittle cold.

Yesterday, the snow was melting. Today it has refrozen into ice crystals. The field where horses graze in summer is now a sea of diamonds. A small stunted crab apple tree is fringed with hoarfrost.

When it's near zero degrees, the sun is a woolen mantle resting on my shoulders. But, today, icy claws cling to my neck. The cold makes me hunch into myself, I feel stunted, twisted, like the tree.

I regret the loss of winter's simple white harmonies, and yet yearn for the colored chaos of spring.

bitter sweet
the taste of crab apples
spring approaching


published in Life Sherpa, 2004.