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There are certain conditions under which individuals may copy and use my JPEG files for no charge.

Individuals may use the images for personal, non-commercial use so long as they notify me.

Students can download images and incorporate them into school reports, presentations and webpages without asking my permission. As a matter of habit, students should cite the source of the images by using my URL:

Folks who are interested in preparing information for enviornmental causes may download and use these images without asking for permission. However, I would appreciate being notified.

Individuals may also freely download images for personal use in a screen-saver, as the root image for your X-terminal, and for similar use.

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All other use is prohibited without my express consent. All other parties must send an email to secure permission for any type of use and/or may purchase rights to these images for their own web pages or publications and/or may purchase high quality prints of these images and/or may purchase high resolution JPEG files for their own use. I donate all profits from sales of images to conservation organizations that are in the good fight to protect what remain of these precious natural and historical resources.







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