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This webpage contains photographs and brief information about the Anasazi [or Pueblo Dwellers] of the Four Corners Region of the United States -- a people who disappeared in the 13th century.

I created this webpage because I have enjoyed bumping into these ancient people through their dwellings and art work that was either carved into [petroglyphs] or painted onto [pictographs] the sandstone walls.

Especially when I travel alone in the multi-colored canyons where they made their homes, I sometimes think that I can hear them talking in whispers as they grind their corn, till their fields, or discuss the day's hunt. Probably it is just the wind whispering ... but such is the effect of canyon country on those who journey through it.

With the exception of one or two images, the photography, such as it is, is mine and the conditions for its use by others are set out on the copyright page.

I believe that those of us who enjoy these natural and historical resources should contribute to conservation organizations that are fighting to protect them. Please consider sending a donation to one of the following organizations [of which I am a donor, but not a member].

Ray Rasmussen

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