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Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Fireweed in the Mumm Creek Watershed

Don't know where Willmore Wilderness Park in Alberta, Canada's Rocky Mountains is? go here -> Maps Willmore

This slideshow is designed to give you a feel for the unique kind of hiking that Willmore Wilderness Park offers. Willmore is a gentle wilderness (to use a term coined by John Muir). That is, most of the ridges and basins and some of the peaks can be climbed without technical gear. The show presents several special places in Willmore . Many of the routes we hike are off trail. We generally use horse-assisted hiking – outfitters and horses carry our camp gear and we hike with day packs. The outfitters and their horses generally follow the valley bottoms when moving through Willmore while the hikers generally hike off-trail into basins and along ridges.

The images are designed to be viewed at full screen on a computer or possibly an iPad. For best viewing, open your browser window (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Sea Monkey, etc.) to full screen. Images are compliments of and copyright by Ray Rasmussen, Jeanett Flynn, Tony Paine and Nancy Hull.

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