Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

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Conservation Issues

This webpage is dedicated to the citizens from long ago who convinced a National Government to protect this and our other great national and provincial parks and to all those conservationists who work with great honesty and dilligence to encourage governments to provide protection of our scenic landscapes and to protect the species that depend on these landscapes for their survival.

Our national and provinical parks are inadequate to meet the needs of future generations. The parks in southern Canada where most of us live are heavily utilized and, like Yosemite Valley in the US National Parks System, they will become overutilized in the near future. One park superintendent recently reported that he daily receives several development proposals from business interests that recognize that anyone who can get a foot in the door of our parks will have a secure long term investment. Developers in Jasper contine to lobby to make Jasper the overblown development that now exists in Banff townsite. Rich as it is, Banff still discharges pollution into the Bow River because the human wastes can not be 'afforded' by the business interests.

Notably the following organizations which are fighting to secure new parks and to expand the protection in the present ones are worthy your support:

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