Kurimoto Japanese Garden

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image: japanese garden

A single leaf falls,
then suddenly another,
stolen by the breeze

                ~ Ransetsu (1654-1707) 

To the Japanese, gardens are vital lifelines to mental refreshment. This can be attributed to the fact that in Japan, particularly in Tokyo, 80% of the population lives on just 3% of the land. In the midst of the concrete buildings and noise, it is possible to find tranquil retreats in these gardens. In Canada, 90 percent of our citizens live within 100 km of the border with the United States. Increasingly, we too are becoming urbanized and, in the future, will need real nature parks as well as art-gardens and nature reserves in our cities. The Capitol Region River Valley Alliance has a vision of creating a park reaching from Devon, through Edmonton, to Fort Saskatchewan. The goal is both to protect the resource and to provide access, foot bridges, campgrounds, and non-intrusive amenities. Consider joining or making a contribution to their cause.

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