Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies

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About This Web Site

This web site consists of photographic images of Banff National Park by Ray Rasmussen. It was developed with several interests in mind:

* to introduce Albertans & Canadians to the richness and variety of the landscapes of their homeplace
* to encourage the conservation of these landscapes
* to promote the establishment of new parks for the benefit of future generations


This webpage is dedicated to the citizens from long ago who convinced a National Government to protect this and our other great national and provincial parks and to all those conservationists who work with great honesty and dilligence to encourage governments to provide protection of our scenic landscapes and to protect the species that depend on these landscapes for their survival. Notably the following organizations are worth your support:

Comments are welcome and should be directed to web designer and photographer Ray Rasmussen.

Copyright & Image Sales: All images are subject to copyright protection. Information about obtaining prints or digital images [.tif, .psd, .jpg, etc] and high quality prints can be found on the Sales and Copyright Page.

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