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Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Rock Lake is one of several entry points to Willmore. This website will not show any of the others. The dirt road/trail in to the Eagles Nest region is about 22 km. The first half is forested, and somewhere between the Seep Creek and Carson Creek Crossings, the Wildhay River valley widens and the mountain ranges begin to show. There are a number of campsites along the way including at Seep and Carson creeks. After a rain, the road/trail has poor footing for hikers and deep puddles to cross. There are several stream crossings and no bridges. All are small except for the first crossing at the Wildhay River which is normally calf to thigh deep. This crossing can be dangerous or even impassible on foot and sometimes on horseback if there have been heavy rains and the Wildhay is in flood.

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