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Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Where to Stay

Where Do I Stay the Night Before and After My Willmore Wilderness Park Trip?

* The Entrance Ranch: The Entrance Ranch, one of Alberta's oldest, is operated by Rocky Notnes. It's in a lovely setting with day rides and modern log cabins. It's located just north of Hinton, Alberta across the Athabasca River Bridge. Meals aren't served at the Entrance Ranch. It's a 30 minute drive from Hinton to the Ranch and a 60 minute drive from the ranch to the staging area. If you stay there, you may be able to arrange a shuttle to the trailhead.

* Blue Diamond B & B, Brule, phone: 1-780-865-4895 Email This excellent venue is operated by a member of the Vinson Outfitting family. It's about a 60 minute drive to the trailhead at Rock Lake.

* Rocky Mountain Escape Cabins on Munn Creek near Rock Lake: The cabins are very nice. Meals are available and service is reliable. They will arrange transportation.

* Rock Lake Lodge

* Tammy’s B & B, Brule

* Black Cat Guest Ranch, Brule

* Blue Lake Adventure Lodge: This lovely lodge has it all, cabins, beautiful lakes, canoeing. It's located about 35 miles [55 minutes] from the Willmore Wilderness Park Staging area at Rock Lake. Meals are available.

* Hinton Alberta: This link will take you to listing for hotels and B&Bs in Hinton, Alberta. Hinton is the closest town in Alberta to the Willmore Wilderness Park Staging Area. It's about a 90 minute drive from Hinton to the trailhead. Or use the use the search terms: hotels,Hinton, Alberta on your search engine.

* Overlander Mountain Lodge: The overlander lodge is located on the highway between Hinton and the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park. It is conveniently and just outside of the national park. Driving time to the trailhead from the overlander is about 2 hours.

* Jasper National Park: The Town of Jasper has accommodations. Be sure to prebook -- summer is a busy time in Jasper. Or use the use the search terms: hotels,Jasper, Jasper National Park,Alberta on your search engine.

* Camping: If you want to camp before or after your trip, there are numerous good casual camping sites all along the road in from the Wildhay River Bridge to the trailhead. There is a formal campground at Rock Lake. There are also good campgrounds with showers at Greg Lake which you will see prior to reaching the Wildhay River bridge.



Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. This webpage is about the relatively untouched and unknown Willmore Wilderness Provincial Park, located just north of Jasper National Park in the Rocky Mountains bordering the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. It contains information and maps about hiking and horse back riding and outfitters in Willmore Wilderness Park. The webpage is done by Ray Rasmussen who has been hiking in Willmore Wilderness Park for more than 20 years.