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Conservation Issues
Willmore Wilderness Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

Some years ago, a Minister and MLA named Norman Willmore had a vision that this area of Alberta should be protected. Subsequently, the park was created and named in his honour.

Places such as Willmore Wilderness Park not only offer unique recreational opportunities in a world where wild lands are rapidly diminishing, they also serve as vital habitat that many species that depend on for their survival. Some wild species do well in proximity to human development [e.g., the coyote] while others are uniquely dependent on wild lands and in particular the old growth forests found in them.

However, as with most parks, the protection is only as strong as the will of a government to maintain that protection under pressure from various interests [logging, mining, oil and gas exploration, heli-hiking, jet-boating, 4-wheeling, ski-doing to name a few] to modify the protective status. Indeed, since its founding several critical wildlife areas were removed from Willmore Wilderness Park for commercial purposes.

And, the wild species in Willmore and elsewhere are paying the price. According to a report of the Alberta Government:

  • 20 species of Alberta fish and wildlife are in serious risk of dying out in our province.
  • 2 species are already gone.
  • only 55 per cent of the 535 species found in Alberta are considered healthy.

Two conservation organizations, in particular, have been involved in serving as stewards of Willmore Wilderness Park. In addition, just as Norman Willmore did in the past, members of these two organizations play a large part in promoting the creation of new parks and protected areas. They need and deserve your support.