This website is a small collection of images of Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada taken by Ray Rasmussen.

It is not the official park website. Detailed information about the park can be found at these websites:

Wells Gray Provincial Park by BC Parks

Wells Gray Provincial Park by local tourism group

Wells Gray Provincial Park by North Thompson Communities

Because I enjoy these parks, which are largely a gift of dedicated individuals and conservation organizations and governments that understand that something of our natural landscapes must be conserved for the benefit of future generations, I make these website and offer these images free of charge to any individuals who are willing to make a donation to or participate in a conservation organization of their choice. For details about how to secure a print visit: copyright & sales.

These organizations include:

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

The Canadian Nature Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Sierra Club of Canada

II hope that you enjoy the images and your own visit this lovely park. And, your comments are welcome.

~ Ray Rasmussen [email]

copyright: all images copyright of RV Rasmussen. Under certain circumstances the images may be used by conservation organizations, schools and other not for profit groups. For details visit: copyright & sales.