R.V. Rasmusssen Photography: Image Sales & Copyright Information

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Ireland, Dingle Coast, Minard Castle Ruin

Protection of all images on my web sites is guaranteed by law and should be granted by web site visitors out of respect for and common courtesy to me for supplying these images for your viewing pleasure.

No use of these images is permitted except under one of the conditions specified below.

Private or Corporate Users: High Resolution JPEGs or PSDs can be obtained for personal or corporate use of any type including for use on web pages, for making photographic prints and for calendars, but they may not be sold, duplicated or given to other users. Unless other arrangements are made, all public use of my images such as on web pages for for displays must contain a copyright acknowledgement [copyright: R.V. Rasmussen] and a link to this web page [RaysWeb: http://raysweb.net].

To obtain the right to use an image, send an email indicating the URL where the JPEG image that you want to obtain is located and your intended use of the image. We will then negotiate the price and method of image transfer which may include a direct download or the image mailed out on a CD.

High Quality Prints: Because printers are so readily available, I see high-resolution, ready-for-printing, but don't print and send images. I guarantee satisfaction.

If you are unhappy with a print you've had made, let me know and I'll refund your money.

To obtain an image, send me an email message with the URL of the image you'd like and the size you'd like and your address.

I'll then let you know whether I can print that image so that it looks good to my eye on that size of print.

Most high resolution images sell for $300 USD prepaid via PayPal or check.

Donations of images and Prints for fundraising:

I donate prints and jpeg images to not-for-profit organizations to be used for fundraising and informational purposes. In that case, I assume all costs and request a tax receipt if one can be provided. If you'd like to use an image, send me an email message with the image URL and we'll discuss how to get the print or JPEG to you.

Use of Images by Non-Profit and Educational Institutions: Non-Profit Environmental Organizations, Students and Schools may use any of my on-line JPEG images for their projects so long as they do three things: Provide acknowledgment as follows: Image credit: R.V. Rasmussen, http://raysweb.net. Send me the URL of the website where the image is used if it's to be used on the Internet. Drop me an email, letting me know that you've used the image and for what purpose.

Students using my images in their off-line papers and projects should show the precise webpage from which they took the image.

I am willing to supply high resolution jpeg images to schools and non-profit organizations for use in their publications.

Images belonging to Other Photographers: Permission to use images noted as belonging to other photographers must be granted directly by them. I do not have the right to grant permission to print photographic images or to provide JPEGS or PSDs belonging to anyone else and it is illegal to download their files without securing their permission.