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About My Photography Web Site

I am an amateur photographer who has won a few prizes, published a few photographs and who sells his images and donates the proceeds to conservation organizations.

I enjoy conveying images of the natural world to other people. I think that there is a link between how we envision nature and our willingness to conserve what little is left of it. Thus, many of my web sites carry conservation messages and identify not-for-profit groups of dedicated people who are doing their best to ensure that our politicians pay attention to the natural environment.

In this age of "economics-is-all" consciousness, the temptation for politicians is to reduce taxation by eliminating the "unnecessary" costs, for one example, the costs of establishing and maintaining protected areas such as national parks, wilderness preserves, heritage waterways, natural areas and wildlife preserves and even parks in cities.

I hope that you will join me in helping to preserve some of the natural world for future generations. Whatever form that takes, even if your steps are small ones, I think that they will be important.

~ Ray Rasmussen, email

All photographs and images on Ray Rasmussen's Web Sites are copyright © R.V. Rasmussen. Copyright provisions and conditions for free use of images by students, schools and not-for-profit organizations are found on the copyright and sales page. Most photographs are available for purchase in either print format or as JPEG files. All profits from sales of my images are donated to conservation organizations.