Kurimoto Japanese Garden

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image: japanese garden

Spring passes
and the birds cry out—tears
in the eyes of fishes

      ~ Basho

Very early on the twenty-seventh morning of the third moon, under a predawn haze, transparent moon barely visible, Mount Fuji just a shadow, I set out under the cherry blossoms of Ueno and Yanaka. When would I see them again? A few friends had gathered in the night and followed along far enough to see me off from the boat. Getting off at Senju, I felt three thousand miles rushing through my heart, the whole world only a dream. I saw it through farewell tears.
~ From Basho's travelogues

Stone arrangements are an integral part of japanese gardens and are used for both walking and viewing. As you'll see in the next image, this lantern changes dramatically under different lighting conditions and shot from different angles .

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