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About This Website

This website is about the avocations I enjoy incluing wilderness hiking, nature photography and haiku-genre poetry (haiku, haibun and haiga).

Computer technology and the Internet combine to make a forum for ordinary people to share aspects of our lives and to express a creative impulse.

Throughout the various pages on this site, there is a conservation theme. I have a strong concern about the disappearance of species on our Planet, about the contamination of air, land and water and about the failure of my three levels of government, The City of Edmonton, The Alberta Provincial Government, and the Federal Government of Canada to take the strong and necessary steps to prevent further erosion of our special places and the species that require those spaces for their continued existence.

Thus, I have provided images of some of the beautiful places that I have been priviliged to roam as a way of saying, "Let's protect these places and add some more like them before its too late."

~ Ray Rasmussen

mt edith

Needles District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA