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Ray Rasmussen, Landmarks: A Haibun Collection, 2015, Haibun Bookshelf Publishing.

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Ferri Gillis' Review of Landmarks in Haibun Today.

• Ferris Gillis' remarks about Landmarks:

LANDMARKS: A Haibun Collection by Ray Rasmussen
is not only beautiful to look at and has a pleasing typeset,
it is one of the best books in a haiku-related genre that
I've ever read. Rasmussen evokes a wide range of emotions
with these haibun. I've read a number of them so many
times they have become old friends. They've also shown
me how I can sharpen my own haibun.

• Jeffrey Woodward's comments on Landmarks:

The haibun of Ray Rasmussen revel in close observation
and personal experience. They take for their inspiration
the everyday person, place or thing and these subjects
commonly are ones with which their author shares an
intimate relationship.

Like the inukshuk that graces the cover of Landmarks,
Rasmussen’s haibun seem constructed of whatever stones
lie near at hand, whatever materials he can appropriate
from his immediate environs and, in doing so, they fashion
a chronicle of his long journey, part wilderness travel,
part interior display.

Like the inukshuk, these haibun are markers in the
otherwise hundrum landscapes of all of our lives. They
are testimonials that “someone was here” before and offer
assurances, to the reader, that he is on the right path.

• Selected of contents -> Landmarks selections

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