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Links to Publishing Know How and Resources

Writers wanting to get their chapbook collections published will benefit from some following information:

1. What is a chapbook?

2. Learn about the contents of a chapbook so that you're ready for one of the options below.

3. Prepare a chapbook document and send it to publishing houses that handle haibun. The publishers will help you format your book, prepare a cover and market it. Three such house are:

Some mainstream poetry publishers may also be willing to consider haibun. Here's a listing:

4. Format your chapbook in CreateSpace's cover and internal templates and submit your work which will appear on Amazon's book listings. CreateSpace takes you through the process of preparing and submitting your book step-by-step.

5. Prepare a chapbook document and take it to a local printer. You can use CreateSpace's interior templates for this.

6. Enter a chapbook contest through which, if you win, the publisher may award you a cash prize and provide you wish a number of free copies and will help you format your book and market it. Do an Internet search for poetry contests. Be sure to check as to whether they'll accept haibun.

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