Haibun Bookshelf

Haibun Bookshelf Publishing

Haibun Bookshelf Publishing is a small non-profit literary press focused on promoting haibun (& its close cousin, tanka prose). We are involved with everything haibun and nothing but haibun. We do not deal with haiku, tanka, free verse or other poetry forms. There are no fees associated with HBP. All work is done by volunteers.

We provide the following:

  • assistance to haibun poets with self-publishing their ebooks and print chapbooks
  • advertize poets' haibun ebooks or print chapbooks
  • post free PDF downloads of poets' ebooks if you wish to give them away
  • provide information on haibun
  • post samples of haibun by poets wishing to advertize their ebooks or print chapbooks.
  • provide links to all things that are related to haibun

Haibun Bookshelf Publishing
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada