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Haiku by the Japanese Masters

It's well worth reading the haiku and haibun written by the masters of the genre: Basho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, to name a few. You can search the internet for those names and using the key terms "haiku", "masters", "Japanese".

A few haiku written by some of the Japanese Masters

now the swinging bridge
is quieted with creepers    
like our tendrilled life since morning glories  
~ Basho (1644 - 1694)
hold my well-bucket hostage  
  I beg for water

ashes my burned hut

~ Chiyo-ni (1701-1775)
but wonderful the cherry
first autumn morning   blooming on the hill
the mirror I stare into  
~ Hokushi: [d. 1718]
shows my father's face brilliant moon  
~ Murakami (1865 -1938)
is it true that you too  
  must pass in a hurry? for love and for hate
~ Issa (1763 -1827)
I swat a fly and offer it
a mosquite buzzes   to an ant
every time flowers  
~ Shiki (1867-1902)
of honeysuckle fall    
~ Buson (1716 - 1783)