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Haiga Collections & Information

Haiga is a mix of image and either haiku or tanka poetry. Its origins are in Japan where poet-artists used a mix of brushstroke painting and calligraphy to compose their images. Contemporary haibun practitioners employ a variety of image types including sumi-e, traditional brushwork, photographic images, digital-art, and all forms of modern fine art.

The spark of haiga has to do with three elements:

  • quality of the image
  • the quality of the haiku or tanka
  • the relationship of the haiku to the image. Do they enhance each other, making the haiga greater than the sum of its two parts?

For the most part, I use photography (photo haiku) or digital art haiku for my compositions. Parts or all of these collections have appeared in: Haigaonline, Daily Haiga and Simply Haiku.

Haiga Collections by Ray Rasmussen

haiga buttonHaiga Series 1: Haiga with Haibun (prose plus haiku)

haiga buttonHaiga Series 2: Digital Haiga by Ray Rasmussen

haiga buttonHaiga Series 3: Crossroads Camera Club Member's Images & Poems by Different Haiku Poets

haiga buttonHaiga Series 4: Relationships with Pets and Lovers

haiga buttonHaiga Series 5: Street Scenes: Photography & Haiku by Ray Rasmussen

haiga buttonHaiga Series 6: Special Moments by Ray Rasmussen

haiga buttonHaiga Series 7: Ontario Photographs & Haiku Modeled on Issa's Style by Ray Rasmussen


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