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Resources Reprinted or Published Originally Here

Haibun and tanka prose resources that are either unpublished or for which links aren't available. For example, if you've written a piece for the print journals, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Blythe Spirit, Bottle Rockets, etc. and would like to see it placed online, this is the place to do it. Submit the manuscript or PDF file to Ray Rasmussen along with publication details corresponding to the details shown below.

PDF indicates a downloadable PDF file. Otherwise, an underline indicates a link to the original publication page where the resource appeared. All work on this page is posted with permission of the author and publisher.

haikuEverett, Claire. “Tanka Prose, Tanka Tradition: An Interview with Jeffrey Woodward,” Atlas Poetica 9 (Summer 2011) (PDF)

haikuHolzer, Ruth. "Review of Another Garden: Tanka Writings by Jeffrey Woodward," Skylark 2:1 (Summer 2014) (PDF)

haikuKacian, Jim. "A Brief History of English-Language Haibun." (PDF)

haikuKacian, Jim. "The One-bun."

haikuPrime, Patricia. “Irresistible Constructions: A Tanka Prose Essay,” Modern English Tanka 3:1 (Autumn 2008) (PDF)

haikuRasmussen, Ray. "English-language Haibun: A Brief History," revision originally published in A. Deodhar (Editor), Journeys #2 Anthology, 2015

haikuRasmussen, Ray. "A Title Is A Title Is A Title, or Is It? — The Unexplored Role in Haibun," Frogpond 33.3 2010 (reprinted in Haibun Today 5:3, September 2011.

haikuRasmussen, Ray. "An Interview with Ray Rasmussen," The Haiku Guru Website (PDF)

haikuTarlton, Charles. "Notes for a Theory of Tanka Prose: Ekphrasis and Abstract Art," Atlas Poetica 23 (2015) (PDF)

haikuTarlton, Charles. "Poetry and Melancholy: Jeffrey Woodward's Another Garden," Atlas Poetica 18 (Summer 2014) (PDF)

haikuTarlton, Charles. "Thoughts on Tanka prose," Skylark Tanka Journal 3:1 (Summer 2015) [PDF]

haikuWoodward, Jeffrey. "The Elements of Tanka Prose," Modern English Tanka 2:4 (Summer 2008) (PDF)

haikuWoodward, Jeffrey. “The Road Ahead for Tanka in English,” Modern English Tanka 2:2 (Winter 2007) (PDF)

haikuWoodward, Jeffrey (Editor). Introduction to The Tanka Prose Anthology. Baltimore, MD: Modern English Tanka Press, 2008. (PDF)

haikuWoodward, Jeffrey. "The Segue in Tanka Prose," Ribbons 11:2 (Spring/Summer 2015) [PDF]

haikuZimmer, Brian. "The Tanka Sequence & Tanka-Prose as Introduction to Tanka," Skylark 1:1 (Summer 2013) (PDF)