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A Hundred Gourds Resources

A Hundred Gourds is a multi-genre journal with both haibun and literary criticism sections. Below are articles, reviews and commentaries related to haibun.

haikuBob Lucky, Review of Jeffrey Woodward's Another Garden: Tanka Writings

haikuLinda Papanicolaou: Graphic Haibun

haikuMatthew Paul, A Review of Glenn G. Coats' Beyond the Muted Trees

haikuMatthew Paul, A Review of Jeffrey Woodward's Evening in the Plaza

haikuRay Rasmussen, Haibun Composition: Jeffrey Woodward's "Institute of Arts"

haikuRay Rasmussen, On Glenn Coats’ haibun, "Turntable Junction"

haikuRay Rasmussen, Commentary: Bashō’s “Hiraizumi”: A passage from The Narrow Road to the Deep North

haikuRay Rasmussen, Issa’s Humanity and Humour: A Haibun Passage from His Travel Journal Oraga Haru

haikuJim Sullivan, A Commentary on Ray Rasmussen's "Counting"