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Contemporary Haibun and American Haibun & Haiga Resources

American Haibun and Haiga and its successor, Contemporary Haibun, were annual print anthologies of haibun published by the Red Moon Press. Through his founding of AHH, CH and CHO, Jim Kacian has contributed uniquely and significantly to the development of English-language haibun. The following are forewords to each volume written by Kacian and reproduced here with his permission. Collectively, Kacian's series of comments constitutes perhaps one of the best treatments of the history and development of English-language haibun.

haibunHistorical Preface from Up Against the Window: American Haibun & Haiga, Volume 1, 2000.

haibunIntroduction from Stone Frog: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 2, 2001.

haibunForeword from from Summer Dreams: American Haibun & Haiga Volume 3, 2002.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 4, 2003.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 5, 2004.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 6, 2005.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 7, 2006.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 9, 2008.

haibunContemporary Haibun, Volume 10, 2009.

haibunJim Kacian, Article & Example: The One-bun.