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In Search of a Roost
Paul Conneally
November 24, 2001

Things in the garden are looking a little messy at this time of the year - I can't wait any longer for the grass to dry - it won't - I have no more excuses! Well at least this job won't need doing again until spring.

after lunch
the final grass cut
of the year

My son and I tidy up the patio only to see more of fall arrive on the autumn wind - unlike the grass I fear this will be a daily job for another week or so. A job done best after work just before dusk - the sky black with birds in search of a roost.

sweeping leaves
too many starlings
to count up

Paul Conneally describes himself as a husband, father and son. He is the Director of the World Haiku Club's Haibun Forum. Among his many other haiku/art related activites is Haikumania.