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Gossamer Wings
by Naia

Our potluck and ornament exchange is an annual tradition among long-time friends. We make a game of it, drawing numbers to determine the order in which each will choose an ornament or steal one already opened.

holiday table . . .
among soups and salads
a box of chocolates

This year there were nineteen gaily wrapped packages to tempt us. Dori selected the ornament I brought - a fabric angel with gossamer wings - and I winked at Paula when folks asked where I purchased it. In the few hours between her doctor's appointment and the arrival of blood and platelets, Paula and I had found every "good deal" in the hospital gift shop.

between infusions . . .
I buy
a second angel

When it was my turn, I unwrapped an Airedale wearing sparkly pajamas and four slippers with white pompoms on the toes. I probably shouldn't have exclaimed quite so excitedly, drawing attention that might tempt others to steal it. Jani looked over each ornament already opened, then decided to select another to unwrap. Phew! Suddenly I was aware of rubbing the pink bracelet I wore in Paula's honor, almost as if it could grant wishes.

chicken soup . . .
I wonder if the noodles
are homemade, too

Three more friends chose ornaments. Then, I saw that mischievous sparkle in Paula's eye. It was her turn . . . and, true to a dog-lover's nature, Paula reached across the table to claim the Airedale! After my anticipated quick pout, we all burst into laughter. That was December 17th.

12/22 . . .
the cancer-survivor bracelet
slips from my wrist

~for Paula: February 18, 1958 - December 22, 2004

Naia's name is Greek for "Flowing", and for her it represents the state of mind when poetry moves from inspiration into physical expression. Like many poets, Naia gravitated to haiku back in the days of the Shiki Internet Haiku Salon, but it was an Issa haiku that first inspired her to write:

..........don't worry spiders
..........I keep house
....................Issa (tr: unknown)

Naia writes haiku, tanka, haibun, and cinquain. Her work has appeared in magazines, books, anthologies, e-journals, newsletters, and brochures, as well as in RakuTeapot: Haiku, the first ever anthology of a group of haiku poets from around the globe with accompanying compact disc of the participants reading their original verses in their own voices.

A third generation native Californian, she was raised in a country home in the Sacramento farm valley and attended college at California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo. She presently lives in sunny Southern California with her feline companion, Poppy.

Naia's website is Naia's Poetry and Art Gallery