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Getting off the Round-About
Janice Bostock, Australia

Autumn. A hint of summer lingers in the shortening days, a reminder that nothing is ever really gone, even when we think it has. At our age a relationship should be more mellowed and comfortable. No need for wild passion and the intense disagreements we still experience.

colourless sunset
the evening closes colder
on the mountain

The house becomes familiar . . . closing the bedroom door consolidates the grey within my mind. Closing my eyes the doubts flood back. Flinging myself face down on the bed begins a slow revolution of the room. His voice, his angry words, taunt me again and again.

under the eaves
a starling's twitter joins
the softness of rain

An outdoor light snaps on. A branch shadow-patches: curtains, walls, and ceiling. Another slow revolution, then:

with each gust leaves
against the window

Memories tap at my consciousness. There was a time when we were impassioned by youth and excited by learning. We were hungry for every morsel of knowledge and recognition in each other . . . appetites insatiable.

a car door slams
heavy footsteps cross the yard
in the fading light

A thin sliver of bright yellow light from the other room enters under the door. If he enters will I pretend to be asleep? Will I forgive his heated words? Will I . . .

his body weight
on the bed moves closer
spreading warmth

Janice Bostock is a well known Australian Poet. Her webpage is "My Haiku World" Her haibun was reprinted here with her permission.