Examples: Contemporary English Language Haibun
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Haibun: Across the table
Jamie Edgecombe

Her smile. Sitting where you used to sit, drinking half your mocha, giving me your cream, yet eating my chocolate garnish. Head tilted downwards, almond eyes given slight ascension, licks her lips, they glisten like gloss. Mesmerized; refuse flower metaphors. Her smile.

magazine pages

Gaze out of the window, lingering coffee taste, falling leaves roll and scatter. People walk past, ghosts, no faces, never look, Swansea rains set to pour again.

already a month
since the last peach
struck the earth

Jamie Edgecombe is from Plymouth, UK and teaches high-school English in Sapporo, Japan. He is currently working in the Japanese English  Teaching Programme and studies Japanese and post-modern American poetics for his own pleasure. His poetry has been published in various online and paper poetry journals including Asahi Shimbun (JP), Lynx (USA), dew-on-line (UK) Aabye (UK), Modern Haiku (USA), Blithe Spirit (UK), The Journal of Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry (UK), Fire (UK), Presence (UK), First Time (UK),  Psychopoetica (UK), Poetry Now (three anthologies; UK), Poetry Today  (UK), Prismo (YU), Climbing Art (USA) and the Parnassus Literary Journal (USA). He also has acceptances of his haibun in Raw Nervz: VIII:1, VIII:2, VIII:3, VIII:4 and VIII:5; along with the Spring and Fall edition of Modern Haiku 2002.