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What's In a Name?


As one of 36 recipients of an email from a previous lover, I wonder about the others.

TheGardener@... Why not "AGardener"? This clown has a big ego. 

Twitter@... Maybe his friends think of him as a 'twit' – at least I do.

CoolWigKat@... He thinks he's a cool kat? He wears a wig? I like to imagine it's a merkin.

CauseIsezso@... Typical guy. Where does she find them?

ArmyGuy@... Does he do pushups while making love?

TopDog@... How will this work? It was her that liked being on top. 

Maybe I'll change my email address to 'justoneofthejerks@...'

fall drizzle ...

my finger poised
above delete


red bar

Ray Rasmussen, Frogpond, 2011.


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