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Third Try


"We'd like to change the standard vows, love, honor and obey, to something that feels more like us."

The Justice of the Peace pauses a moment, then asks what we have in mind.

"How about, 'We promise to have an occasional bout of lust but lots of cuddling, to care as much as we can, to try to respect a different point of view without necessarily succeeding, and to outlaw nagging, pouting, sulking and shouting as as means of coercing the other person into being a perfect partner.'"

"Sounds very New Age," the Justice says. "Anything else?"

"Let's drop 'For better or worse until death do us part.' We've both stuck with worse far too long and neither of us wants to go through that again."

"And what would you suggest?"

"Maybe 'We promise to give it an honest go and see what happens.'"

"I have a further suggestion," he says. "Why not just say 'I'm in' when I ask each of you whether you do?"

garden ceremony
an olive branch grafted
to the apple tree

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Ray Rasmussen, Frogpond


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