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Lucky Day


Morning started with a rainstorm, but now the sun streams through my office window. Along with the sun, I’m blessed with two emails. Mr. Tony Emumelu of the Zenith Bank of Nigeria informs me that I've inherited $14.6 million from someone who isn’t even a relative and 23-year-old Betsy Johnson has asked me to become her pal on "Romance_Now.Com." Of our planet's 6.6 billion possibilities, both chose me!

After a brief struggle between greed and romance, I renounce the prospect of becoming one of the world's richest men and choose a relationship with Betsy. Why not take both? Because I wouldn’t know whether Betsy wants me or my money. On the "Romance Now" website I learn that in order to chat with my new romantic partner, it will cost $5/month. So I email Mr. Emumelu to ask whether he will spot me the membership fee if I sign the remainder of the $14.6 million over to him.

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Ray Rasmussen, Frogpond and Contemporary Haibun.



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