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A Glimpse of the Moon


Every three months, Brieanna and I leave our different cities and journey together to a new destination. We've just arrived at a small inn on the Oregon Coast to enjoy the ocean and wildflowers.

While she showers, I lay in bed browsing a collection of Japanese art. One of Yoshitoshi's woodblocks, "A Glimpse of the Moon," shows a man, his face masked by a fan, peeking over a wicker fence at a geisha slipping off a pink-floral kimono.

wildrose petals —
a tiny dark spider
waiting underneath

When Brieanna comes into the room, I peek over the top of my book to watch as she sits by the window and brushes her hair and then undresses. Her silhouette surrounded by moonlight, she slowly walks the distance that separates us.

In the morning, I show her the woodblock and confess that I enjoy watching her undress. "And I enjoy you watching," she says while slowly pulling back the covers.

pushing up
through winter's crust
a lavender crocus

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Ray Rasmussen, Haibun Today, 5:2, June 2011.

"A Glimpse of the Moon," is the title of one of ukiyo-e master Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's (1839 – 1892) woodblock print series in One Hundred Aspects of the Moon. His woodblock can be viewed here: A Glimpse of the Moon.


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