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Day's End


Folk Festival


“The Party’s Over, we had us a time.
We emptied the coffers of water and wine.”
~ Eliza Gilkyson Lyrics

By the third day of the Rocky Mountain Music Festival, I've shifted from observing to celebrating, from photographing singers, the audience, street performers, stagehands, artisans, to swinging to the music.

The stage darkens after the finale, the crowd stands, applauds and then drifts off into the night. At a local hall, the performers play for a gathering of festival volunteers. We dance the way I used to dance, the way I didn't dance enough. Afterwards, I sit, cooling off, letting the quiet seep in.

music hall
empty but for the smell
of spilled drinks

In no hurry to return to my motel room, I wander along a stream that winds through town, pause to photograph a reflection of garden flowers. I’m humming Gilkyson’s song, remembering her dreamy rendering, feeling the need then and even now to move to the slow beat of her music.

murmur of water
flowing from mountains
to prairie


R. Rasmussen, British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology, 2009.