Canyonlands Journal
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Deep Canyon

Everything here slips toward the canyon’s rim – boulders, cobbles, pebbles, grains of sand – and finally drops over into the Colorado. The river’s massive flow will continue to churn everything into murky silt as it flows to the Pacific Ocean.

I can’t resist nudging a cobble. There’s a barely audible “clack! clack! clack!” as it tumbles down the cliff.

Sitting side-by-side with my companion, our feet dangling over the edge, I'm slipping toward her, thinking about how our relationship has so sweetly moved along – lusting, liking, loving, bonding – yet still afraid of the free fall into the complexities of relationship, afraid of those everythings we carry with us.

almost sunset –
our shadows mingle
on ancient stone





Image: Claret Cup Cactus

(image by Nancy Hull)