Anasazi & Pueblo Cultures of the Southwest
Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado

Anasazi, which means 'ancient stranger or enemy' in the Navajo language, was used by the Navajo people to name the early pueblo dwellers who once lived in the Colorado Plateau or what is commonly called the Four Corners Area.

The Hopi who are the likely descendents of the Anasazi called these predecessors the "Hisatsinom." 

The Anasazi are perhaps the most romanticized and the most studied of the prehistoric Southwestern cultures. They lived in the beautiful arid, canyon country and left thousands of stone houses, cliff dwellings and goods behind when they 'disappeared' in 1300 AD.

canyonlands national Park Photos of Anasazi Structures: Dwellings & Granaries

canyonlands national Park Photos of Anasazi Rock Art: Peroglyphs and Pictographs s